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Our business  conditions are clear, comprehensible and we do not hide anything from you.


  1.  Webshop Operator

Operator of the pshslovakia.sk shop and owner of rights for it is the NOVA-X company, Malachovská cesta 113, 974 05 Banská Bystrica, Slovak Republic.



      2.  Order

You can make an order through website www.pshslovakia.sk (24 hours a day), by email pshkozmetika@gmail.com) or by phone from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm at…



      3.  Payment for products

Whole payment for products consists only of price for the product +  transportation costs (max 4,90 EUR). We do not charge for packaging or any other fees.



      4.  Forms of payment

a)  Cash on delivery

b)  Transfer to the bank account (products will be delivered after payment is received)



      5.  Product Delivery

a)  Products are sent only by courier DPD

b)  If  your purchase is less than 100 EUR, delivering costs are only 4,90 EUR



      6.  Money back guarantee

If you discover that the product is not suitable for you, you can return it back in 30 days period from receiving it without any statement of reason for return. The period required by law is 14 days and we doubled the duration of guarantee!

Conditions for money return:

  1. Product must be undamaged, in original packaging, able to be used for other sale
  2. Copy of proof of purchase must be attached
  3. Product cost only will b returned, not delivering costs                                                                            


     7.   Warranty


The customer must  check the products immediately after receiving them. If some defects are found, customer must inform the contact person of PSH Slovakia immediately and send a written report by mail or via email to pshkozmetika@gmail.com.



     8.   Delivery period

Products available at store are delivered in 48 hours (2 working days). In case the products are not in store (we have 90% products in storage), we will inform the customer about delivery date via email. Delivery in such cases does not exceed 7 days. If the payment was done by bank transfer, products are delivered after the payment is received.



     9.   Guaranty conditions

Manufacturer guaranteed warranty for cosmetics  is 12 months from the opening of package. This period is also mentioned on the product packaging. If the products are stored and transferred  in normal conditions, there is no reason for the product to suffer any damage. Warranty cannot be used for damages caused by customer by unprofessional use of package or by unsuitable storage of products by customer (frost, excessive heat, etc.)



    10.   General commercial terms

Customers who make a definite order confirm that they agree with Commercial terms for delivering of products, posted by seller. Terms between seller and purchaser are controlled by these commercial terms, which are mandatory for both parties. The article of sales agreement between seller and purchaser is definite order from purchaser. Sales agreement begins by delivery of products.



   11.   Responsibility for mistakes on web site www.pshslovakia.sk

a)  Company NOVA-X  warns, that information on www.pshslovakia.sk is partly received from third parties and can be inaccurate. These can be updated without prior notification

b)  Company NOVA-X can change products and services mentioned on its web sites anytime without warning and does not guarantee accuracy of content

c)  Company NOVA-X is not responsible for any immediate, indirect or uncommon damages caused by using information from its website or links to other web sites.



   12.   Protection of personal data

a)  Company NOVA-X fully abides by law nr.428/2002 Z.z. about protection of personal data in information systems. Our company respects your privacy. But as we would like to offer you valuable services, we need to know some of your personal data. We keep this data safe and confirm that we will not offer your personal data or information of purchases to any third party.

b)  By using this web shop you agree with collection and use of your personal information and information concerning your purchase by using conditions mentioned above.  By registering as a customer, or applicant for receiving newsletters, participant of inquiry and any other forms of registration you automatically agree to be informed about news in our webshop by email or by phone. If you do not wish to receive this information further, you can cancel the subscription to this news based on the conditions mentioned in every newsletter.

c)  Our webshop reserves the right to pull out of the warranty of safety in case of hacking of our server by unknown culprit (hacker). Only in this case conditions for manipulations with data are not valid.








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Michal Novysedlák

Malachovská cesta 113

974 05 Banská Bystrica

Slovenská Republika


IČO: 34705864
IČ DPH: SK1020565667

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