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Welcome to our new webshop PSH SLOVAKIA – HUNGARY. Official importer for Slovakia and Hungary

We offer to our customers only the best! We will add more and more new pet care products from a broad range of products of cosmetics Pet Show Hairdresser.

PSH cosmetics is a cosmetics of high quality produced in Spain for professionals but also for ordinary users, who would like to give to their pets something more than is offer usually, for owners who would like to give their pets a high quality.

PSH provide a wide range of products like shampoos, conditioners, creams and finishing products, but also products for pets with dermatological issues.

PSH guarantees the health, vitality and perfect condition of the coat and skin of your pet friend.

PSH produce cosmetics for dogs, cats, horsers and some products can be use also for rabbits or guinea pigs, because PSH cosmetics is natural, gentle to animal skin, which is much more sensitive than human skin. 

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